Anna Janssen Golieva

Danmarks Grønne Liberale Parti

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City council candidate, Aarhus
De Grønne 

Who am I?

A Ukrainian, married to a Dutch, living in Denmark. 6 out of my 30 years have I lived in Aarhus.

I’m an engineer, winter bather, an athlete and a new parent. I live in a small Trøjborg apartment. I drive an electric car, even though it can be challenging here in the city. 

Fighting the climate change 

Since the political environment in Denmark is a highly-dynamic, we are taking the practical approach. The majority of the suggested efforts shall be accomplished during the years 2022-2025.

Plant-based food:

  • Plant-based option shall always be available in the communal canteens
  • The chefs shall be educated in plant-based cooking to ensure it is tasty and tempting

Energy and environment

  • Solar and wind energy shall replace the imported biomass
  • A ban on pesticides use in proximity of the drinking water reservoirs 


  • A bike lane to the train station
  • Faster snow removal from the bike lanes 
  • Letbanen shall stop by the Risskov beach
  • All the diesel buses shall be replaced by electric ones
  • Abolish double fee in night buses 
  • More frequent and reliable public transport
  • More public EV charging stations
  • New parking lots shall all have EV chargers

Fight the trash problem in the city

  • Trash cans to be emptied more often
  • Trash cans shall be secured against seagulls

Employment is the key 

International citizens are an asset to the commune. By ensuring their employment, Aarhus commune will receive the necessary tax income to finance the green transition. 

Faster employment for graduates 

  • Abolish the language school monopoly 
  • International students shall be prepared for the needs of the labor market
  • Potential employers shall be helped in employment of internationals

Aarhus as an international city

  • Specialized teaching for bilingual kids
  • Open up for International classes in public schools
  • Multilingual information signs in the city

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